Members of Buea university football team have been abducted in Cameroons Southwest region.

Armed men seized the team of 20 male students from the training ground at the University of Buea, said Ngono Horace Manga, the universitys vice chancellor.

“They were training for an upcoming competition early in the morning when the kidnappers took them away from the field,” said Manga.

Manga said the abductors have contacted the school authorities demanding a ransom for the players release. He said he would not disclose the amount so as not to jeopardize ongoing negotiations for the students release.

The head coach of the university football team, Nicolas Asongu, said the kidnapping occurred about 7:30 a.m. local time Wednesday at the university.

“I had a little delay on my way to the training ground at the university campus. I arrived around 9:30 a.m. to learn that unidentified gunmen had kidnapped the students (players),” he said.

Asongu said eyewitnesses told him there were 25 people on the football field, but the men only took the players.

Those left behind said the gunmen ordered the players to go with them on foot towards a back entrance leading out of university.

“I am confused. I spoke with the players on the phone. The kidnappers told them to identify themselves,” Asongu said.


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