All of us have that amazing story of the most epic night out we had with our best mates.

When I say all, I really mean all because who had never had a day where they got too badly drunk with their friends that they actually had to pump everything out of their stomach.

I know how messy it gets with all the vomiting and running for washroom but have you ever thought that the booze can also be pumped in your body just to save your life?

Nah, this is not true, this is stupid, nothing like this can happen, etc. I know these are the same words running in your mind right now but believe me, it happened.

The story is coming from Vietnam where a man drank too much of alcohol that the doctors trying to save his life had to pump in 15 cans of beer in his stomach.

The man was brought to the hospital in a very bad state and he was suffering from alcohol poisoning.

To save him from dying and to protect his liver from digesting high levels of methanol, doctors straight away emptied 3 cans of beer on his body and later, 2 more cans were given to him during the surgery.

After it, he was given one can after every hour until he gained his conscious again. This is how 15 cans were pumped inside his body in order to save his life.

Dr. Le Van Lam, who was in charge of the case said that the levels of methanol found inside were 1,190 times more than the average level.
The doctor explained that methanol is released in the body as a person consumes alcohol. Even after the person has stopped drinking or went out of conscious, the levels of the same keep rising.

The level of methanol in Nhat’s body had raised more than the average level and it oxidized his body and acid released that made him go unconscious as well as had put his life at risk.




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