Founder of the Gifted And Talented Education (GATE), Anis Haffar has said there are various activities that when the young person engages in waste the brain from not functioning properly,

“When you begin to look at young people carrying things on their heads, sachet water and so on…..this is the human brain that we are wasting,” he discloses.

According to him, there should be a whole movement in the country which will involve both the students, parents, teachers as well as other stakeholders to promote education.

He told Journalists at the launch of his latest book “Strategies for effective teaching and learning” that Ghana needs to do a lot to end migration because the country is beautiful and rich in mineral resources.

“Look at the number of young Ghanaians who are crossing the Sahara many die on the way, and those who survive they cross the Mediterranean many die on the way, and those who get to where they want to go people don’t want them there, so what are doing” he quizzed.

Anis Haffar added that he was overwhelmed by the support he receive during the launch of his book and he is ambivalent because he least expected the turnout.

The book ‘Strategies for effective teaching and learning’ is to promote effetive teaching and learning among the teachers and students.



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