A python entered a woman’s home in Thailand through her toilet and bit her while she was sleeping.

Kaew Sudsopha, 75, was sleeping when a python entered into her room in Bangkok, through her toilet.

CCTV footage shows the snake entering into her room and biting her.
Sudsopha woke up after feeling pain in her foot and woke up her son Nakorn, 44 who was sleeping next door.

‘I thought I was having a nightmare. There was a sharp pain in my foot and I woke up. I turned on the torch and noticed something moving on the floor. That’s when I saw the snake’ Ms. Sudsopha said.

‘I said, ”Where did you come from?” and walked out as quickly as I could. I don’t know why the snake bit me, I was sleeping, not threatening it. Now I’m terrified to sleep in that room again.’

When rescue workers arrived, they found the python on the toilet seat in the bathroom.

Nakorn said: ‘I’m proud of my mother for staying calm. I don’t know how the snake got there but I presumed that the snake came from the pipe and crawling up from the toilet.’

‘My mother likes to leave the bathroom door open, so the snake slithered out from the toilet to her bedroom.’

‘I want others to be aware that accident could happen any time, even while you were sleeping.’
‘If your house was located near fields or rivers, it should be the best to try and prevent the snake from coming into your house.’

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