Residents of Ngungani village near Kiambere dam woke up to a shock after a woman was killed by a crocodile while fetching water from a dam.

Kanyiva Kilonzo from Kawala in Ngungani village is said to have bled to death after a crocodile chopped off her leg below the knee.

Confirming the early morning incident, Chief Agnes Muthoka termed it as shocking and urged the government to swiftly step in and help residents get water on safer grounds so that they stop going to the dam where they are exposed to multiple dangers.

“The government should pipe this water to the nearby market centres where locals can get it more safely”, said Chief Muthoka.

In addition, the chief pointed out that many locals are exposed to many health hazards when fetching the unpurified water directly from the dam.

Locals here are exposed to waterborne diseases among other health hazards. That’s why the government ought to seek long-lasting solutions to such issues affecting our area, she said.

Kimanzi Kimwele, a resident, said several women have been killed by the reptiles in the area and Wednesday’s incident was not the first one.

The government should consider protecting women in this area from these cruel reptiles which since time immemorial have been attacking them while fetching water.


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