It’s no more news that Pope Skinny and Shatta Wale who used to be best of friends are now cat and dog.

And it appears Pope Skinny is going to every extent to tear Shatta Wale down.

Well, just yesterday, we witnessed a situation where Shatta came out to say that featuring a lot of people doesn’t make one a big star.

Pope Skinny – Ochokobila
Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny

His comments were clearly directed at Stonebwoy since he’s in Jamaica now trying to feature almost all the big Jamaican musicians on a song.

Stonebwoy also came out to reply Shatta anyway in a very subtle manner.

Well, Shatta’s own ‘best friend’ Pope Skinny has also come out to tell Stonebwoy that he shouldn’t get distracted by what others are saying. So he should be focused because some people wish they were in his shoes.

Pope Skinny via his Snapchat handle wrote:

“Big Up Urself #StoneBoy. You Working Hard Than Any DanceHall Artist In Africa And God Will Bless Your Hustle. My Humble Advice Is That Dnt Be Distracted By Anyone “Keep Focus” They Wish They Were In Your Shoes. Trust Me When I Say This Because I Kno”

Screenshot below:

You don’t need rocket science to tell you that the Asuoden CEO is referring to Shatta Wale.



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