FanYogo Ghana is said to have out-doored a new ‘Kpo K3k3″ flavour.

A photo going viral on the streets of social media sees a new Fan Yogo pack having “Ginger and Gin” written thereon.

Many comments by social media folks indicate that they can’t wait for this special flavour to hit the market.

However, have made some checks on the social media pages of FanYogo Ghana.

FanYogo Ghana haven’t posted any photo of ‘Ginger and Gin” kind of new flavour. Even though, they made announcement earlier today that they’ll be making an outdoor of some new flavours.

It can hence be concluded that the photo below could be either photoshopped or Fan Yogo Ghana intentionally leaked it to see how Ghanaians would react to it before they can think of producing a product of this nature.

Which ever way it is, we’ll bring you updates as they unfold.

Photo below:

fan yogo kpo k3k3 flavour



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