An 80-year granny and her daughter in law together with her three children have been burnt alive inside their house over links to witchcraft which left six persons dead.

Maritha Amollo 80, Helida Akinya, 40 and her children in classes seven, three and nursery school at Opapo Primary School were burnt to bare bones after irate villagers stormed their house and set ablaze five houses.

Maritha’s husband Elijah Dwalo and three other family members escaped unharmed. Dwalo is said to have escaped with machete wounds.

Witness accounts have it that in December last year Awuonda was attacked with a machete by Dwalo and Maritha’s son, only identified as Omondi. That after Omondi landed a 12-year jail term for the assault, Dwalo warned that Awuonda would not last to the end of February this year.

“So when he fell ill on Thursday February 28, we knew it was the spell taking effect. We took him to Maritha so that she could lift the spell but she declined, saying it was a consequence of the jail sentence for her son,” said Mary Atieno, Awuonda’s close relativeU but soon after they stormed the compound, some of the family members scampered out.


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