The footage of an attempted abduction of a little boy which was caught on a CCTV is giving a huge shock to parents.

British media Mirror unveiled this footage of a woman attempting to kidnap a six-year-old boy in Fuzhou, northeast of Jiangxi province, China.

In the footage, a woman tries to drag a little boy along with her, but the boy resists with all his strength.
After several attempts to kidnap the boy, the two falls down and the woman climbs over the boy’s body and restrains his arms and upper body.

The woman even threatened the boy when he continued to struggle.

While the struggle, two men happened to walk by and witnesses the situation.

The men who thought the two were a mother and a son quickly changed their attitudes when they saw the woman was trying to drag the boy.

Although it does not appear in the footage, the woman who was attempting to kidnap the boy was arrested in the end.

According to the news, the men prevented the kidnapper from escaping until the police arrived.
This incident ended as an attempt, but it shocked many people, especially parents with children the same age.




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