A beautiful Nigerian lady on social media has tweeted to discourage men from spending on their ladies and being their money bank.


According to lady identified on Twitter as “Nigerian Coffee”, men should stop giving women money and save for their future.

'Guys, stop giving us money and save for your future' – Nigerian lady

She emphatically noted that, women are willing to still sleep with guys even if they don’t see money from them.

Speaking on behalf of all women as revealed in her tweet, the Nigerian lady advised that guys should save their capital for a better future because ladies have their own money to spend.

@Nigerian Coffee wrote: “Dear guys, please stop giving us money when we haven’t married you We have our own money, we are independent save for your future we will still s*x you without money I’m speaking on behalf of all ladies!.”

See her tweet post below…

'Guys, stop giving us money and save for your future' – Nigerian lady

Well, the million question now is, how many ladies in this world especially Africa actually have this mentality? A whole lot?? No! I don’t think so, at least, not in this economy.

I even doubt the lady in the story to be doing this story she is suggesting.



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