A passenger was caught on camera sitting on a youngster after he refused to take his legs off a seat on the subway.

The incident was shared on Twitter by a user named Isabel who captioned the video saying: “This lil a**hole wouldn’t move his legs for 3 adults, so this guy comes and just SITS on his legs.”

While the whole thing looks downright amusing, people couldn’t help but question the (lack of) parenting that caused the kid to act this way.

Fortunately, the Elton John look-a-like stepped in to help with that and taught the boy, who was zombified from starring at his phone, a lesson.

Despite the nasty behavior, the boy’s guardian appeared to be defending the kid and seemed snobbish when confronted by the brave stranger. I wonder where the boy got his attitude from…
Isabel’s post was since November shared nearly 50,000 times with people condemning both the kid and his guardian for their arrogant behavior.

“Yeah the kid is being a jerk, but they learn from the adults! The adult should have told the kid proper etiquette! I would have!” one person wrote.

“I’d have asked him to move his feet, if he hadn’t I’d have swept them off the seat. If that was his mum, I’d have pulled her up on her parenting,” another one suggested.

One commenter wrote: “I expect he did the whole ‘I’m just gonna sit here in this available seat…

WHOOPS! Oh, my, what HAVE I sat on?!’ then stood, thus giving the little punk the opportunity to move his legs so Hero could actually sit comfortably.”




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