Controversial Kumawood actress popularly known as Xandy Kamel has stated in an interview that she is uncultured and that there is nothing she can do about it.

According to Xandy, her uncouth nature is known and accepted by Ghanaians which she is not bothered about.

Xandy Kamel
Xandy Kamel

“Everyone in Ghana knows I am uncultured and I have accepted it. Nothing can be done about it”,she stated

The actress also stated that she has a motive or cause for anything she does on social media but people misunderstand her and end up criticising her.

She also refuted claims that her ‘drama’ on social media is for hype or to be known by prominent people.

Xandy Kamel also denied ever having a romantic relationship with musician Pataapa and Supa, Ghana’s Tupac.

According to her, the kissing picture of her and Supa that went viral was photoshopped and that she knows nothing about it.

The actress also denied having a sexual relationship with colleague actor, Bill Asamoah as that story was concocted by kumawood actress, Benedicta Gafah.




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