The founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah has made it clear that the ability for him tell the whereabouts of the three kidnapped girls from the oil city.


According to the preacher who is tagged to be a sympathizer of the NPP, the ability for people to know the whereabouts of the missing girls lies in the hands of the police CID and he is not a CID to do that work.

Ghanaians are still on the lookout for Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson and 15-yr old Priscilla Koranchie who were kidnapped several months ago by some kidnappers suspected to be Nigerians, so far another Nigerian Samuel Udoterg Willison has been arrested but has failed to reveal their location to the police.

Owusu Bempah who claims to be well powerful in the spiritual realm and has made several prophecies that have come to pass, in a radio interview stated that the Lord is yet to open his eyes to see the location of the missing girls.

“I’ve heard that some three ladies are missing in Takoradi, but please for such a case is it a prophet that investigates or looks for them or it should rather be the CID? I’m not a CID officer to find the missing ladies. If the Almighty God has revealed their whereabouts to me I would have by now told the whole country where they’ve been hidden, but the Lord has not done that.

“Someone will say, Prophet you see a lot of things but why can’t you tell us the whereabouts of these girls? Elisha was a very powerful prophet but God didn’t reveal to him when the Zaraphat woman’s son died. Elisha said as, for this one, God hid it from me. If you are a prophet it doesn’t mean you see or can foretell everything.”



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