Guru, the boss of NKZ Music has just revealed he has bonked 16 women in March alone but what surprises him most is the fact that none of these girls wore panties. Hiplife artists want to know if that is a new style among the women in Ghana.

In a tweet, Guru expressed his worry about this new trend among Ghanaian women and seek to find out the reason for it.

However, the confession that he has bonked 16 women in March alone when he made the tweet on 7th March has raised eyebrows with many asking if it was an orgy he held at his house.

Guru posted:

“Why is it that most ladies don’t wear pant these days? I have tried 16 ladies this month alone but the same story”.

Guru bonked 16 women within 7 days in March

Well, we hope he is not seeking the hype to resurrect his dead career. but if he bonked 16 women within 6 days, then he deserves the applause.



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