Will you ever trade se*x for a favor? that was the topic of the survey asked by popular social media relationship counselor David Papa Bondze-mbir and some of the answers that came out will shock you.

Many of the people who responded to the survey confessed they have traded se*x for a favor in their life. But one particular person’s response to the survey has set social media on fire.

According to this man, he has been sleeping with the General Overseer of his church who is a bisexual 3 times in a week for GH¢2,500. The General Overseer of the church is a married man by the way.

This respondent is the personal assistant to General Overseer. He professed his utmost respect for the man of God and revealed he does it out of need and he is straight.


Read his full message below kind courtesy David Papa Bondze-mbir

“Hello, Dave. Eish, and you’d want me to answer this question truthfully or just tell you what you would want to hear? Because I don’t think I can be honest here. Smfh! Anonymity is all I seek if you’d want my truth.

I am the personal assistant (PA) to our General Overseer at church. He’s a great man, very gifted in his field. He’s married with kids but is a Bisexual. I am very Str8 by the way. Ok, so he offered an opportunity to make extra good money, and I took it.

I f**k him three times every week, for a monthly additional salary of GHs 2,500. That’s separate from my actual salary. He gives me gifts on special occasions (ie. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.)

We travel together as part of his ‘A-Team’ to his numerous preaching appointments, and I often spend time with him in his hotel rooms. It’s not like ‘a relationship’ kinda thing. We don’t talk ‘love matters’. It’s purely a give and takes the business.

We respect each other, and I accord him the utmost respect as my head Prophet/Bishop. I don’t judge him in any way. This arrangement hasn’t in any way also affected my relationship with my woman. In fact, this job has given me enough money to take very good care of my home.

If he ever would want this ‘thing’ between us to stop, I’d gladly stop it. It wouldn’t change how I feel about him, though I need the money.” – From HQ (Male, 36 years, Married)



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