I know a lot of you will criticize this post but it still won’t stop me from baring my mind….

Dear wifeys and Gfs; take it or leave it; there is nothing decent or beautiful in watching pornography (BlueFilms) with your husband. Doing that will only be inviting trouble to your home in the long run..

A friend of mine argued so much about this. She thought I was naive when I tried to caution her and so I let her be. Today her marriage is in
shambles. Her husband is addicted to pornography and calls her a bore in bed…..

One of the truth you must know is that pornography is highly addictive and people who even indulge in it do so under the influence of hard drugs so why copy them? Pornography is not real so do not try to learn anything from
it. Get clean and healthy books on sex if you really want to know more about love making.

Pornography damages marriages and families by; Undermining marital trust intimacy and love.
Promoting selfishness; emotional aloofness and dissatisfaction with one’s partner. Fuelling unhealthy sexual fantasies and cravings Tempting users to force objectionable sex pratices on their mates. Promoting emotional and physical infidelity

Stop pornography. It won’t do any good to your marriage and Relationship. It might harmless at first but the after effects might be very detrimental to your marriage.

Be Wise!I’m


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