It wasn’t originally intended as a compliment, but actually sounds pretty cool

At the grand age of 26 you probably still have excellent skin tone, the ability to bounce back from a night out and a highly functioning metabolism.

You also, hopefully, have literally ALL your life ahead of you. Exciting, eh? But once upon a time, 26 was considered as “over the hill” – if you happened to be a woman, of course.

In fact, if you’d not managed to pin down a husband and pop a couple of kids out by this age, there was a term for you.

Sophia Benoit, from California, discovered the word and – surprise, surprise – it wasn’t meant to be very flattering.

Historically, all the single ladies under 25 were dubbed “spinsters”.

Sophie also pointed out on Twitterthat child-free unmarried women age 26 onwards were called “thornbacks”.

“I just found out that spinster used to be reserved for women 23-26 and that after you turned 26 if you were unmarried you became a… THORNBACK. How f*****g great is that name?” she wrote.

Sophia’s right – it certainly sounds a lot more powerful than “spinster”.
By sharing this information, which quickly went viral, it seems “thornback” might actually catch on.




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