Politician and Business man Keneddy Agyapong has always been a blabber mouth. He sits on any other platform and spews as much ‘garbage’ as his voice and his host would allow him.

We are forcibly made to swallow all that he says because you dare not challenge him if you very much appreciate the little good reputation you have made for yourself.

Kennedy is practically being accused of murder but that certainly is the least of his problems. He has put a whooping GHC100,000 and a house to anyone who is able to bring the true murderers of Anas’s aide Suale.

What you probably did not know is the fact that he is richer than almost all the politicians in America except for Michael Bloomberg.

It has emerged that he has an estimated net worth of $47.8 billion. This makes him richer than almost all American politicians except Bloomberg who’s estimated networth is about $48.2billion as at 2019.





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