Oral sex has indisputably emerged as the hottest and newest trend among people.

A recent survey revealed that sexual health experts improved hygiene standards are turning more (Aussie) couples over to the practice.

Here are the most common myths about oral sex and actual facts behind it…

Myth 1: You can lose your virginity having had oral sex
Mention sex and people think that their virginity is at stake. Oral sex, where there is no contact between sexual organs, has been regarded as a taboo that can leave you a non-virgin, which is untrue.

Expert talk: “You can lose your virginity only when there is a physical penetration. People should learn about the scientific logic and remove their emotional barriers from their mind. Though oral sex can take away their emotional virginity,” explains Dr. Megha.

Myth 2: Oral sex can get you pregnant
Inquisitive to have sexual pleasure in different forms (read oral sex); most women carry fears of unwanted pregnancy. Oral sex (by means of fellatio) alone cannot result in pregnancy. Though it carries a minor risk of pregnancy, if the semen comes into contact with the vaginal area indirectly, so it’s better to exercise caution.

Expert talk: “For pregnancy, the male sperms have to unite with the female eggs to start fertilisation and child formation. But during oral sex, there’s no such process happening. The sperm is either in the mouth or is ejaculated on the body, but nowhere does it meet the egg, so there’s no chance of pregnancy,” asserts Dr. Shivani.

Myth 3: Oral sex is always unhygienic
Though one’s personal hygiene completely depends on their innate routines and habits, Indians still get a repulsive feeling towards the oral form of sex. It comprises unhygienic threats only when practiced with multiple partners, but if it’s between two partners regularly, hygiene should not be a problem.

Expert talk: “If either of the partners does not believe in cleanliness and freshness, there is an understandable reluctance towards oral sex. It’s a fact that sex organs secrete and also that a man urinates and ejaculates from the same point, but maintaining good hygiene can ensure an enjoyable act,” opines Dr. Bhonsle.
He further suggests that couples must wash or gently clean their organs before and after the act gets over. Also, if you’ve just come back home, after long hours of work, take a shower to get away with that sticky smell that tends to irk your partner. Make sure you’ve changed your clothes and there’s a feeling of freshness before you invite your partner for the oral act.

Myth 4: You can never have an orgasm from oral sex
Oral sex is always believed to be essentially a foreplay act, which in no way can result in an orgasm. But the fact is that oral sex arouses both partners to a climax and there is full possibility of achieving an orgasm which is even better than natural sex.

Expert talk: “During the oral sex act, the woman’s clitoris gets stimulated and evidently, they find the orgasm more pleasurable and satisfactory. It applies to men also, as it’s like a masturbation act,” clarifies Dr. Shivani.

Myth 6: Oral sex is a substitute for vaginal sex
The myth is common amongst teenagers. They are convinced that it’s a substitute for the natural form of sex that helps them remain sexually active.

Expert talk: “Oral sex gives pleasure, but you can’t use it as a substitute for vaginal sex. Agreed that hormones are high and biology is playing its role in the process, but there has to be a time and place for it. Teenagers tend to involve in oral sex without actually knowing it pros and cons,” says Dr. Megha.

Myth 7: Condoms can’t be used while giving or receiving oral sex
Ever wondered why markets are flooded with flavoured condoms for a simple reason, they are especially made for oral sex and most couples are still unaware about it. The most common query relating to this myth is that how safe is swallowing condom lubrication during oral sex.

Expert talk: “Understand the need for such precautions. A woman can’t stand the idea of spilling male semen all over her mouth and it is not a good feeling too, so condoms come in handy. As far as lubrication is concerned, flavored condoms are safe since they are specifically meant for the oral act,” says Dr. Bhonsle.



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