Below is a submission of a man in pain. He took care of a girl from SHS to University only for the girl to leave him for another man.

Read below:

Dear Tima,

“I’m a 34 year old Man who owns a phone shop ,I met this beautiful lady 6 years ago when I was 28years then ,she was in secondary school her final year ,whenever she came to me she could get about 20calls within an hour and every call she excuses herself .

I got so worried so I confronted her and she said she depends on men to pay her fees so I asked how she’s going to stop she said if I could take care of her she would put a stop to it,I then decided to take full responsibility of her and truth be told she really changed she even gave me her Sim and made me buy a new one for her.

Life was okay she didn’t disappoint she passed with distinction from Senior high and told me she wants to go to the university,I didn’t hesitate but told her to take me to see her parents before I do that ,Tima she introduced me to her parents and I became convinced so I took care of her and after 4 years in the university she came out successful.

I contacted my Mp friend who took us to his banker friend in a reputable bank in Ghana ,I even introduced her as my wife to be whom I’ve invested a lot in her to the the manager and he was happy to help ,in the beginning all was well when she got the job we use to do video calls,we talk 6 times dialy but in the second month she started giving excuses whenever I call she tells me she’s busy and then it got to her not picking my calls Tima I felt like dying I went to complain to her parents and they told me they can’t also find her , Very fortunately for me one of her close friends who knew how I’ve spent on her confided in me and told me.

She was married and had even given birth I didn’t believe it until I met her one day on my way to see her mum ,she now drives and she was wearing a wedding ring and the most shocking aspect was the bank manager was the one holding the baby and I was told he was the one that married my woman , Tima I feel like ending her life and mine.

Tima please help me ,Im lost ,I feel useless what do I do ?



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