A Ghanaian pastor based in South-Africa is currently trending online after a video shows him kissing women of his church passionately, and fondling their breasts, all in the name of healing them.

The Pastor known as Prophet Nana Poku, founder and leader of Kingdom Prayer Ministries International, is seen in the viral video kissing young ladies for not less than 25 seconds, as other members of the congregation look on.

As he kisses and fondles their breasts, other church members could be heard saying “in the name of Jesus”.

Interestingly, when he is ‘healing’ older women, he does not kiss them or fondle their breasts, he only sits on them to get ‘healing’.
One other thing about prophet Nana Poku is the fact that he appears to be bleaching his face. It is very obvious from how fair his face looks, while the hands remain dark.

Watch the videos below:


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