Gospel singer Anita Afriyie has lashed out at her predecessors describing them as hypocrites who failed to lay a proper foundation for the current crop of gospel musicians.

According to Anita, musicians like Mark Abraham, Esther Smith, Daughters of Glorious Jesus and the rest did not fight for money to make the job more lucrative as those currently reigning in the industry.

Her comment comes as a response to claims that the Gospel Music industry in Ghana as it stands, does not fetch enough money compared to secular music for people who engage themselves in it like herself.

The singer in an interview admitted that the industry is not fetching money for them because people who started did not lay a good foundation when it comes to making the money.

“It is sometimes painful to hear people trying beg for money to bury a Gospel musician. It’s very disgraceful. This is all happening because of the old musicians. I blame those who started doing Gospel Music”

“They had hypocritical spirits by taking music as God’s work. They always call it God’s work”, she added.

She continued that, those of them in the industry who have their ‘eyes opened’ and realized money is good are being targeted by pastors.

“Therefore if they the pioneers had realized that money was good, we would not have been begging for money to organize their funerals as it has been seen in some cases”. She stated.

Anita further argued that, if Gospel musicians are able to make money, there would be no need for people to beg on their behalf.

“Money is needed in the ministry, period”, she ended her submission.



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