An anonymous woman believed to be a Ghanaian has narrated how her husband stormed her office in the afternoon to forcibly have sex with her, and when she refused, he angrily removed his wedding ring, threw it on the floor and left.
My husband stormed my office to forcibly have sex, I shouted for help, he threw the wedding ring on the floor and left – Woman

According to the confused woman who sought the help of online relationship expert, David Papa Bodze-Mbir, she always gives her husband sufficient sex as and when he requests for it, but she could not fathom why he walked into her office that hot afternoon to have sex.

In a short letter addressed to David, which he shared on his Facebook page, the woman claimed her husband asked her to inform the secretary to not allow any visitors into her office between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM.

He then attempted to have sex, but she declined, compelling him to want to resort to force. She then shouted for help and other people came to meet her husband naked.
Out of anger and shame, the angry husband removed his wedding ring, threw it on the floor and left.
“Good evening, Dave.

My husband came to my office unannounced today, asked me to tell my secretary not to allow anyone in from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. I thought he wanted to talk about something important, but no, he wanted sex. I told him it was my working hours and that, I couldn’t.

He got pissed and tried forcing himself on me. I screamed for help. I give him sex at home when he wants it, we don’t have any real sex issues pending. So I don’t know what exactly came over him today.

“When help finally entered my office, he was naked. He got dressed in their presence, and then removed his wedding ring and threw it on the floor. He’s not home yet. He has not called me since this afternoon. What do I do or say to him when he returns home?”the woman wrote.

Meanwhile, Facebook users are divided on whether the woman overreacted to her husband’s sex request or the man also did not approach the wife well.





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