A die-hard supporter of Nigerian president Mahammadu Buhari who vowed to drink and bath gutter water prior to the Nigerian Elections if Buhari retains his seat, Bala Hurana and went ahead to fulfill the pledge is reported dead.

According to the report, the young man who is in his early 30s complained of abdominal pains and severe stooling of blood days after drinking the gutter water and bathing the gutter water.

Bala Hurana after drinking and bathing the gutter water

He was subsequently rushed to a nearby clinic but died a few hours later. According to the doctor on duty, there was nothing he could do since he was brought to the clinic very late.

When Bala Hurana was fulfilling his pledge of drinking the dirty water, has gathered he was advised to stop by a section of the people who had gathered there whiles others cheered him on.

But the young man who is not related to the president in any way went ahead to gulf down the gutter water to prove his unflinching love and support for the Nigerian president, Buhari.

May his soul rest in peace.



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