The family of a young nurse who is believe to be in her early 20s now live in fear after their daughter disappeared from home 5 days ago.

According to information gathered by on faceofmalawinews, the lady left home last Saturday after her ‘stupid’ boyfriend uploaded her topless photo on Facebook to get more likes.

The guy who has been identified as Kadu is currently in police custody following an official report by the lady’s parent.

The lady’s best friend who is assisting police in investigation disclosed that her friend called her on phone and told her she’s going somewhere but refused give her the exact location in the early hours of the day she disappeared. She also revealed that her friend and her embattled boyfriend have no issues so his behavior really surprises her.

“They don’t have any issues, Kadu and my friend are very cool lovers who do almost everything together. I was very shocked when he confirmed he did all that for Facebook likes and attention” She told the police

While many are still shocked by his action, others say his mental status should be checked because his behavior is a clear sign of first degree madness.

Checked out the photo here;

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