A paramount chief within the Shama Traditional Council of the Western Region, Nana Nkanomako IV, says PhD holders are not the complete repository of wisdom.

At a recent town hall meeting with some traditional leaders under the Shama Traditional Council, Nana Nkanomako indicated that there are so many things to be said but because the meeting was being held in English, these leaders cannot express themselves.

“We can do some many things but because of you people holding PhDs and the likes and we don’t have PhDs and degrees, that’s why we cannot talk”, she said.

“If you people can allow us with our own Ghanaian language we can talk so many things, but not this PhD, PhD, why?”, she quizzed.

Nana Nkanomako IV advised that anytime such a programme is to be organized, leaders should consider using the local dialects such as Fante as a means of communication and not English so that participants can express themselves freely.

“We have so many things to talk about but because of the English language we cannot talk, do you think that all those having PhDs are epitomes of wisdom?”



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