The two men who assaulted police officers in uniform in the video which went a few days are set to appear before the court today, 18th March 2019. Even before that, their photos have made it to the media.

The police service has equally given the reason why the trotro driver and his mate brutally assaulted the police officer.

The Driver and Mate

According to the police, the driver and his mate were loading passengers right in the middle of the road creating needless traffic.

When the police officer who is with Odorkor police station rushed to their vehicle to confront them, they sped off so he chased them on his motorbike.

In an attempt to arrest them after he got to their vehicle for violating road regulation act, they resisted and pounced on him.

In the videos which went viral, the driver and his mate are throwing some wild and crazy punches at the police officer. The officer was only saved by a helmet he was wearing



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