CTV’s Journalist, Kwame Tutu has broken the Internet with his #trashtagchallenge in a post that is going viral.

Whiles driving around Akufo Addo roundabout near Togo Embassy at cantonment-Accra, he spotted some rubbish left uncollected and he did justice to it.

The host of “Ghana Kasa” on CTV, Kwame Tutu joined the new trending challenge with a full force using all his tools and techniques to gather all the garbage.

Kwame Tutu posted on social media:

Going to work this morning, I saw a pile of refuse left uncollected in the Akufo Addo roundabout near Togo Embassy at cantonment-Accra. As a social media campaigner against poor sanitation with the hashtag #CleanGhanaNow, I have adopted and joined the worldwide campaign #trashtagchallenge, which places responsibility on citizens across the globe to identify and clean a filthy area, take before and after photos and post them on social media. This morning I cleaned the Akufo Addo roundabout of uncollected garbage. Let’s show the way.”

The #Trashtagchallenge started on social media seeks to encourage it’s partakers to clean their environs and upload the photos or videos on social media.

This is the first of it’s kind.

Many challenges do go viral across the world on social media each time but mostly, some do cause harm and at times death to it’s partakers.

The challenge is thought to have been started by the outdoor gear company UCO Gear in 2015 but since then fell off in popularity. Recently, a post by Byron Román on Facebook reignited the challenge as he encouraged bored youth to get outside and clean up their community.

Kwame Tutu is the first Ghanaian to openly partake in the challenge.

See Photos Below:



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