Reports reaching has it that a die-hard fan of English football team Manchester United has committed suicide after his team lost to Arsenal during the weekend fixture.

The deceased identified as Ogolla, committed the act at about 9 pm Sunday evening some few hours after the match.

According to close friends, Ogolla had indicated that the odds for Manchester United were 3 against 2 for Arsenal and knowing what his team had done to PSG some few days ago, he got convinced that there was no way Arsenal could beat Manchester United.

He withdrew an amount of GH¢1114.9 from his account and placed a bet on his team waiting for GH¢3,334 in return should Manchester United win the match.

Few minutes after the game had started, Arsenal scored 1 goal. Ogolla had no time to waste, he again deposited GH¢1114.9 in the bank and placed GG for the match. In the 80th minute, Arsenal were 2-0.

Ogolla didn’t lose hope, he again deposited GH¢1114.9 into his player account and placed over 2.5 goals bet—he was sure Manchester United could not end up not scoring.

The game ended and Ogolla was heartbroken—in 90 minutes he had lost the equivalence of GH¢3,334. He cried uncontrollably and eventually went to a nearby bush and committed suicide.



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