These past few weeks in Ghana has been the increase in the fight between police and the civilians. It all started when a policeman assaulted a journalist in Accra.

Some few hours later a video surfaced on social media where a commercial car driver and his mate were seen beating the hell out of a policeman on a highway with some passengers looking on with trying to separate. The driver and his mate were arrested and processed before the court and are currently on remand.

After some days another video surfaced on social media where a traffic warden was seen heavily kicking a civilian in a “Bruce Lee” style with his boot. This action made people vent their anger on the police for using their uniforms to intimate civilians.

It has been reported that some macho men in Wassa Akropong in the Western region have attacked and severely brutalized a police officer by name Inspector Tetteh Agbanyo.

According to the reports, Odikro of Abreshia at Wassa Akropong, Nana Amoah Kumi Bediako II instructed these well-built men to beat up the Officer because he (Nana Amoah Kumi) unauthorisedly came to park his car in front of the police charge office where the Inspector asked him to move the car because that was not a correct place for someone to park his car.

Surprisingly, Inspector Agbanyo’s words did not go down well with the Odikro where he became offended and landed some dirty slaps on the Officer’s ears, destroyed his name tag and held him in the neck whiles dressed in his Police uniform.

The reporter added that Odikro managed to escape from the police when they tried to arrest him by the help of one Detective Inspector Alex Donkor and one other civilian, Alex Gyetuah.

A few hours later, the Odikro, Nana Amoah Kumi Bediako II came to the Police Station with macho men and attacked the Inspector, beating him up mercilessly and destroying some of the Police properties in addition.

As the case stands now, Nana Amoah Kumi Bediako II has been arrested as further investigations are being made.

See the photo of the Inspector bleeding after the attack.



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