The Policeman who was viciously assaulted by some trotro drivers and their mates has detailed how he received the beatings of his life.

According to the policeman who is with the Odorkor police station, he was performing his duties when he was attacked by the civilians for confronting them when they violated the road regulation act.

Policeman being assaulted by commercial drivers

The Policeman revealed that he confronted the driver after he parked in the middle of the road to pick passengers which resulted in massive traffic.

He also stated that he went to the scene to solve the situation but met an accident between a motorbike and a private car and attempting to remedy the situation he was almost run over by the driver who parked in the middle of the road.

According to the policeman, he chased the driver on a motorbike which he managed to cross him and queried why he was driving recklessly.

This resulted in a heated verbal argument which the drivers and their mates decided to pounce on the policeman and ended up beating him mercilessly.

He stated that he was able to call for reinforcement and towed the car to the Odorkor police station but the offenders were able to get away.

According to sources, a Warrant Officer with the Military reported at the police station to claim ownership of the towed car.

The Warrant Officer has been advised to produce the driver and the mate who attacked the policeman to assist in investigations.

The unfortunate incident which occurred on Thursday, 14th March 2019 at Weija in the Greater Accra region has received massive condemnation from the public.



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