While most married people regret getting involved in extramarital affairs, one mother-of-three spoke out about her secret affairs and claimed that cheating on her partner strengthened her relationship and helped preserve her marriage.

33-year-old Kasey is a busy businesswoman and a mother-of-three. She also works a part-time job and is a wife to a husband whom she’s been married to for more than ten years.

In 2017, however, Kasey decided to take on another challenge. She began seeking other men and filling the “intimacy gaps” in her marriage with the help of other partners.

“I wanted to go online and find like-minded people to engage in some fun but I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go at first,” the mother-of-three told Femail.

“I now have a few regular people I meet up with about once a month and that’s been going on for a year now. I’m always willing to meet new people as well.”

While the 33-year-old expressed that cheating has no impact on her relationship with her husband, she alleged that it made her a better person and helped improve her marriage.

“Sex has never been an overly exaggerated exercise at home but the affairs have improved how I feel about myself,” the mother said.
“It feels good to gain affection and lust from my partner. I don’t have the option to try anything new at home so I seek it elsewhere. I am doing what I want to make myself

The cheating wife also admitted that she felt guilty about cheating at first. However, she now tries her best to make sure her husband never finds out about her mischiefs.

“I take all precautions with not getting caught, it’s not easy and it takes organization with both parties,” Kasey added.
“I delete my messages and keep the phone calls to a minimum unless I’m out of the house. With other people in similar circumstances it’s a mutual respect thing to have times when contact can be made throughout the day.

“With meeting up in person you do what you have to do. Depending on the time of day sometimes no lies have to be told. It’s just like any other ordinary day.

“I continue cheating because we have a young family so it’s for the benefit of the children. I do still love my husband but there are some things in life I would like to do and explore and this isn’t an option with him. I get my needs fulfilled.”

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