Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to escape death or a very serious injury? Yes, that would be terrific but no one would want to land in such a situation for the starters.

Remember that movie that came out back in 2006 where there are snakes on the flight, well that is what happened to this woman who had no idea that a snake was traveling with her, making a home inside her shoe.

Moira Boxall, a Scottish woman was coming back from her holiday in Australia when she was left in a deep shock.

She was traveling from Queensland to Glasgow when the incident happened. She found a living python inside her suitcase. The python from her suitcase had shifted to her shoe, curling up inside it.

The Australian guest was not just traveling but it also started shedding its skin in the middle of the long journey he was on.

Stuck in the situation she did not have much to do. Boxall then decided to call animal protection organization the Scottish SPCA. The team came and took the snake into quarantine.

Animal rescue officer Taylor Johnstone said that he just received a call from a woman who has just returned from her holiday and the woman said that a snake came with her, sitting inside her shoe.

He said that by the time he arrived, the snake was already trapped in a cell from where he picked it up and took it away from the property. He said that the snake was a spotted python and the species is non-venomous.

Even though the snake was non- venomous, the amount of fear the woman had to go through cannot be compared to it in any way.

This is not the first time such an incident happened. There have been times in the past where a snake easily escaped the security check and landed inside the flight.




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