Sonnie Badu has gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz to one of his Ministers, Steve Morgan after he was also given a brand new 2018 Mercedes Benz s550 by members of his Church, The Rock Hill Church.

Sonnie Badu some few months ago shared a video of the presentation of his 2018 Mercedes Benz s550 on his Instagram page, Dr. Sonnie Badu said that about 8 months ago, he heard the voice of God which instructed him to sell his car (a C class Benz).

Sonnie Badu gifts a brand new Mercedes Benz posh to his Minister

And fast forward 8 months later, he was surprised with a brand new 2018 Mercedes Benz s550 which is worth GHC 590,000.

I’ve fully recovered. So, last night to top up everything, my children suprised me with this beautiful 2018 Mercedes S550!!!!!

You guys made me cry: From the Kiddie Rocks presentation to the music ministration to everyone I mean everyone!!! I’m in awe.

However, the African prestigious singer also replicated the good done to him to one of his Evangelist.

According to Badu, he asked Minister Steve Morgan to go and pick a car of his choice which he did without having a clue that same car will be gifted to him.

He surprised the Evangelist in front of 1000’s of his Church members and gave him a passionate hug.

Watch Video Below:





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