Popular Reggae/Dancehall musician Livingstone Etse Satekla known in entertainment circles as Stonebwoy seems to have another passion apart from music.

In a new video seen by, Stonebowy has indicated that he would not hesitate to take up an opportunity that will present itself for him to enter into politics.

According to the Kpoo k3k3 hitmaker, he really have the welfare of Ghana and Ghanaians at heart, therefore, he would want to serve in a political office

This, he said, would enable him to serve Ghana.

“If I have to serve my people, not only as a musician but also a politician, I would go for it,” Stonebwoy said in the video.

Stonebwoy must be eyeing the highest office of the land – the presidency, which he noted was the topmost position in politics.

He, however, did not mention which of the political parties he would serve under.


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