Somalia’s capital Mogadishu has seen a deadly one week with sustained attack by insurgent group Al-Shabaab claiming the lives of close to thirty people.

The most used attack medium has been with car bomb attack, which took place near a hotel and restaurants in a busy area targeted in the past by the militants, rescue services said.

The afternoon explosion sent smoke into the sky and destroyed two restaurants and some cars parked in the area. A Reuters witness counted six dead bodies. Police put the death toll at eight saying the figure could rise.

“So far, we carried 11 dead people and 16 others wounded. The death toll may rise,” Abdikadir Abdirahman, director of Amin Ambulance service, told Reuters. The figure has since been revised to 15 deaths.

From March 21 till today, car bombs and Improvised Explosive Device, IED, attacks have been a regular feature except for 22nd and 24th. 23rd saw two different attacks.

A journalist with the VOA who closes covers the country, shared a breakdown of the Mogadishu attacks:

March 21: Car bomb kills civil engineer

March 23: Complex attack kills 15

March 23: Two IEDs kill 2

March 25: Car bomb kills Univ. staffer

March 26: Car bomb kills 14-year-old boy


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