Gambian curvy actress, Princess Shyngle has taken to her Instagram page to advise ladies following her.

Shyngle who has now turned herself into a self-styled relationship coach advised ladies that doing certain things doesn’t keep a man.

Princess Shyngle

She noted that cleaning, cooking, giving a man s*x with all the sweetest positions, trying to please the man and his friends by doing house chores among others does not keep a man.

Princess Shyngle further said that ladies should do things for a man because they feel like it and not as a compulsion.

She stressed that men cannot be kept when you try to please them but a man who wants to be kept, would be kept but not by trying your best as a woman to keep him.

“Look, ladies y’all need to understand that cooking for man cannot keep a man, cleaning for a man cannot keep him, washing his clothes, being a perfect girlfriend cannot keep a man. Having s*x with him 24hours, you can give him all the best s*x positions in the world cannot keep a man. Being the hottest and most beautiful girl in town with the baddest body and the most gorgeous face cannot keep a man”.

She continued:

“You can only keep a man if he wants to be kept…ladies need to understand that you can’t force a man to want you. Going to his house and cooking, cleaning for him to impress his friends and his family and get them to accept you or show that you’re a wife material is just wrong. That cannot keep him…no!!!. it can’t.”

She concluded:

“You know, I don’t wanna burst your bubble but that’s the fact. You need to start living your life for you and be happy. If you feel like cooking for him because it’s what you want to do and it’s your choice fine but don’t push it”.

Video below:

Some people disagreed with her:



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