There is a video of a Zongo boy assaulting a young guy at one of the branches of KFC at Accra which is fast going viral online.

The assault happened right inside the KFC building and not even one security officer had the decency to stop the assault until it was late.

From what has gathered, the assault happened over a woman. The young man who was assaulted is a movie producer.

He was approached by the lady to help her get a role in an upcoming movie to be produced by the young man. The movie producer invited the lady to KC to discuss her fitness for a role in the movie.

When the boyfriend of the lady found out they were meeting at KFC, he stormed the place with his gang and what we see in the video was the end result.

Watch The Video Below

There has been a severe backlash against KFC ever since the video went viral. It is shocking how someone can just storm KFC and assault someone without security intervening. Meaning if it is killing, the person would have been killed.



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