Ghanaian Nollywood actress Ellen Mensah has finally confirmed that indeed she has bleached her skin since she was not born a light skin.

In an interview with Delay on the “Delay Show”, she was asked if she was born light skin to which she responded saying no she was born dark like any other Ghanaian but has to bleach her skin so as to get movie roles.

I don’t date a man for more than 2 years - Actress Ella Mensah

According to her, she had two reasons why she bleached her skin. She stated that first of all when she started her acting career in Nigeria, she wasn’t getting movie roles because of her dark skin and was advised by a lady to tone her skin.

Speaking about her second reason, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend didn’t like a dark-skinned lady so he urged her on to bleach her skin.

Watch her video below:

She further revealed that she doesn’t use any bleaching creams because of the effect it will have on her but she rather goes for the injection which is much safer.



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