To my best of knowledge, a suspect unless prosecuted by court with valid evidence must never be treated like a criminal.

However, it appears some Police personnel in Ghana by virtue of their appearance in their Black Uniform use it to their advantage to abuse suspects.

In a video posted on the Instagram page of Politician and Musician Kwame A Plus, a police officer of the law was seen hitting the head of a suspect with his duty boot.

The critical point of the situation was that, his fellow police men at the background could be heard making fun of what their colleague has done.

A Plus sharing the video wrote:

“VIEWER DISCRETION ADVICED!!! Did a trained police officer do this?
I’ve always argued that, Ghana police has well trained Professionals with good hearts and passion to serve the country. However there are some very bad ones who are tarnishing the reputation of the service. We must not use these few bad nuts to discredit the entire Police Service. The police themselves must identify these persons amongst them and deal with them drastically.

This is very bad!!! If the officer has not been arrested, he must be arrested now!!!”

Video below from


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