A video of a Kenyan thief who wore a full goat he has stolen beneath his cloth to avoid being caught has gone viral since it hit social media yesterday. The video was recorded when he was caught by the police.

According to the reports, the man identified only as Aloice was spotted by the police looking bigger than he normally looks. The police accosted him and demanded he takes his clothes off.

When Aloice took off his first cloth, there was nothing. Then he took of a suit he was wearing. That was when the police got the shock of their lives.

The police discovered full goat meat split into two and tied around his upper body underneath the dresses like a singlet.

When he was questioned, he told the police he found the goat on the mountain alone without an owner.

“I got it on the mountain. The goat was alone, it did not have an owner,” Aloice told the police who caught him.

Watch The Video Below

The video has since gone viral with many expressing their shock with the ingenuity of Kenyan thieves.



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