We are getting used to seeing men in Africa boldly proposing to their women in public but to see women going on their knees to pop up the question is unheard of in Africa yet a South African woman has just done it.

From what we have gathered, the man, Thabang has been dating this beautiful lady for just two months and the young lady who has fallen completely in love with the young man and she just couldn’t wait.

The two love birds were hanging out at a KFC Branch in South Africa when the young lady who has already bought a ring went down on her knees and asked the man if he will marry her.

Stunned Thabang said he thought she was playing a prank on him because they often do that but he realized she was dead serious when she began to cry. Out of the love he also has for her, he said yes and it all became tears of joy.

In the video, people were cheering them on as the beautiful lady puts the ring on the finger of the boyfriend.


What people are wondering about now is: Who pays the bride price? To some people, he/she who proposes, pay the bride price.

In the meantime, if your boyfriend is wasting time, don’t just keep watching him: put the ring on his finger and move…wink



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