A video of a man assaulting his 3 months old pregnant wife is fast going viral on social media. According to the reports, the incident happened in Botwe, Ghana.

The man who assaulted his helpless wife we understand is called Aminu and the wife, Barikisu. According to Kwakye Afreh-Nuamah who shared the videos on social media, the neighbor who took the videos told him it’s a daily thing between the man and the wife.

The neighbor told him Mr. Aminu has threatened to kill Barikisu if she goes public with the daily assaults. But the neighbor could not stand the daily assaults anymore and took videos as evidence and gave them to Kwakye Afreh-Nuamah.

In the video, Mr. Aminu is seen slapping the wife for unknown reasons. At a point, he could be seen dragging Barikisu on the floor; someone who is 3 months pregnant for him.

Watch The Video Below

But reacting to the video on Facebook, one Play Jayson who claims to be a very close friend of Aminu explained how the assault started. According to him, Barikisu destroyed the man’s land documents.

The man had a meeting with some company he was set to sell the land to for $90,000. That was what infuriated the Aminu leading to the assault. Play Jayson claims the guy loves his wife very much it was just the provocation that made him do it

Play Jason wrote:

I just spoke to the guy in question right now and what happened was the wife destroyed documents he needs to provide at a meeting that day concerning some land he’s selling for some company 90k$ it’s wrong to touch a woman but I understand why he did that. Sad it’s a close friend just called him to confirm fresh marriage ooo they got married I think just a month now and this just happen soo sad ? the love he has for this woman trust me u don’t want to know to see this am surprised myself, women can worry sometimes.

Social media users who have seen the video have already called for the Aminu’s arrest. His action has been condemned by all and Sundry including Play Jayson



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