Princess Shyngle’s ‘Mallam’ is very powerful and seems to have ‘worked’ the correct magic for her this time round.

It could be recalled that Shyngle was given a brand new G-Wagon Brabus by his yet to be recognized sponsor or boyfriend.

Few days after receiving the expensive gift from him, Shyngle jumped online to call him a goat, idiot & a donkey for demanding that she cooks and clean his house for him.

The self-acclaimed Princess noted that she isn’t a slave to be doing such ‘dirty’ works.

In a new video shared by Shyngle on her IG handle, the same man who got disgraced by Shyngle is heard showering sweet words on her.

The ‘Otolege’ noted that she is the woman of his dream and that what else could he demand for.

She captioned the video with: “So I decided to secretly video a conversation with me and my man 😂 and I’m asked him why he’s with me, why does he love me , why did he buy me a brabus and all the amazing expensive gifts for me even though I’ve never got once cooked or clean for him and here is is answer , listen ladies ( he’s gonna kill me for this though) 😂😂❤️.

Many have started calling the man names and are demanding his photos from Shyngle to ascertain whether he is an African or a ‘mugu’.

Watch Video Below:



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