New Social Media sensation Supa aka Ghana 2pac or Gully Bop causes motor traffic as he is given a heroic welcome in Nima

Supa causes motor traffic; given a heroic welcome in Nima

Surprisingly, as some might say, Supa has suddenly become the new sensation on social media.

He has a less amount of teeth in his mouth but has a striking confidence to deliver his style of rap whenever a camera is put on him.

Tagged as Ghana’s Tupac or Gully Bop symbolically ends every delivery with an awkward way of walking.

Supa aka Ghana 2pac

Still wondering who the hell is the Supa? Watch the video below;

Identified with a similar look to that of the legendary late rapper Tupac Shakur—always have his bandana headband wrapped around his head.

Just like the Jamaican entertainer, Gully Bop, Supa is loved by the street and where he resides, Nima.

As the new Ghanaian social media sensation, he was recently interviewed and in a video has sighted, Supa out of love, was mobbed by people in his Nima community—accompanied with a long convoy of motorbikes and cars from

Watch the video below;

In recent times, you might have seen the one corner challenge, the ladder challenge, the ‘woti ate’ challenge and many others that came to trend, the Supa challenge —undoubtedly— is gaining momentum.

Some of his entertaining videos which keep trending on social media has obviously resulted in a Challenge which has even earned him a meeting with star rapper Sarkodie.

Some Ghanaian celebrities such as Samini, Funny Face, Pope Skinny have also joined his challenge.


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