Young and burgeoning actress cum musician, Yaa Jackson has sent a direct jab to her critics in latest video as she jams to Showboy’s “Y3 Blow” song.

The young singer is captured jamming on her godfather and role model, Showboy’s ‘Y3 Blow’ song whiles driving in her posh.

Yaa Jackson

Explaining her actions in the video, the actress never seems to care about all the criticisms from Ghanaians, revealing that whether she is talented or not talented, she will still shine infront of her haters.

Yaa Jackson captioned the video with: “Fake people have an image to maintain real people just don’t care ???? @showbezzy I love you Daddy.

Watch the video below…

Yaa Jackson has become a common commodity of attack after claiming she wears GHc1000.00 outfits.

After her explicit interview with Delay on “The Delay Show”, Yaa has been under criticisms and received several bashing words from Ghanaians for her bragging words.



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