SHARE have chanced on a post made by Joy FM on their Facebook page which talks about a Ghanaian food called Wasawasa.

Looking at the food first, I thought it was our very own popular Wakye but a closer look at it shows that it isn’t.

Wasawasa is said to be made from crushed dried yam and served with shea butter oil and onions. It can also be served with spaghetti (taalia) and your favourite shito.

Wasawasa is a popular staple food made from yams in parts of northern Ghana.

Below is a photo of how Wasawasa looks like:


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However, women who are in their menstrual periods are not allowed to cook it without having had a spiritual bath to clean them.

In an interview with Joy FM based in Accra, a woman who sells food said that it is believed that sex and menstruation make them dirty and food does not like dirt.

This means that a woman must purify herself after sex and menstruation in order to prepare Wasawasa.

Ashietu, 19, who sells food says, “If you have sex with your husband, you have to take a spiritual bath, otherwise the food will not be good. “

The meal is prepared from crushed dried yam. The yam is mixed with red beans, then boiled for hours until it turns into a rice meal.

According to Maa Adiza, who also sells Wasawasa, she said the process of preparing food is tedious and time consuming.

“When you start preparing it at 6:00 am, you will finish at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. “

However, most residents say that Wasawasa is a nutritious meal.

In Ghana, it is not the only myth that restricts the rights of vulnerable people in society.

Recently, the media has also reported a problem where the gods forbid girls going to school to cross the Ofin River.

This means that girls have to miss school, which affects their education.

Below is a photo of what Wasawasa looks like:



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