Princess Shyngle has revealed the top 5 ‘lies that girls tell when they want to have s*x with you’ probably after investing your cash in them.

The funny-shaped Gambian Ghana-based Ashawobrity took to her Instagram page to voice out the techniques that they use on their sponsors and sugar-daddy’s whenever they don’t want to have s*x with them.

Few days ago Shyngle gave revealed the ‘4 things women hate during s*x’ and social media went wild.

In her current episode, Shyngle noted that; the first lie is when a girl tells the lover that ‘she is tired’. She explained that the ‘being tired’ format is just to clear the notion that she isn’t cheating.

She continued and stated that a girl saying ‘she is having  ”headache’ is another big lie when they don’t want their Tonga to be chopped.

Thirdly, Shyngle noted that when a girl says ‘she is in her period’, then virtually forget about ‘nodding her engine’. She stated emphatically that it is her favorite lie.

She ended by saying when a ‘girl says she is having pains and bruises in her private part’ and as well ‘STD’s’.

Princess Shyngle seems to be obsessed with s*x since she never talks about anything than that.

Watch Video Below:



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