Mate of one of the VVIP buses that had a fatal accident in Kintampo in a head-on collision and had at least 70 peoples losing their lives has spoken out in an interview with Kofi TV.

In a lengthy conversation, the mate recognized as Akorsah Kwabena Christian explained or that happened as shared on

He said; the car he normally works with as a mate has been sold so that very day, he went to the station to check if he could get a car to work with.

Lo and behold, that particular driver didn’t have a mate so he requested he joined him to work that day.

According to the mate, Akorsah Kwabena Christian, they loaded from Accra Circle at 4 pm en route to Tamale. They passed through Kumasi to pick some of the passengers and continued the journey to the Northern part of Ghana.

And when they got to Techiman, he moved from where he was originally sitting to a very closer area(around the Gearbox) to where his master, the driver was.

Then suddenly, he saw the approaching bus which was coming from the North to Kumasi speeding towards their lane. The mate added, even though, that bus was not doing any overtaking nor had a car in front of it, it was still steering to their lane.

By then, the edges of the road was hilly and rocky, so his driver couldn’t veer into any bush or give the approaching bus much space— yet he tried his best to move away from the road so he would dodge the over-speeding approaching bus.

His best obviously wasn’t enough as the bus kept coming towards them and it collided.

Akorsah said he didn’t hear any noise or even a cry but later found himself outside the bus and that was when he heard people crying for help— and also saw the bus in flames.

He went to search for his master, the driver, and he was already gone—with his head and left hand cut off.

According to the mate, he was informed after the accident that the driver who collided with them was sleeping at the time.

Ghana is currently experiencing a lot of car accidents.

The government is putting in measures to avert any further happenings in recent time.

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