Cameramen at the Ghana Football Association boycotted the opening round of the Normalisation Committee Special Competition after the decision by the country’s interim football governing body slashed their allowances by nearly half.

The action means nearly all of the matches played over the weekend have not been captured on tape, making for a tricky situation in the event any of the games would have to be reviewed for retrospective action.

According to some cameramen, who spoke to Atinka TV said their allowance has been reduced from Ghc 450 per match day to Ghc 200, making it insufficient.

On top of that, the cameramen claim the GFA does not have adequate cameras and they have had to resort to renting equipment to cover the games, all out of the Ghc 450 they were initially given.

One of the cameramen, Elvis Manu, narrates their ordeal:

“When the competition was about to start nobody was contacted. We were just called and assigned on Friday that we should go and cover these games. The monies assigned for the coverage is small. Some of us have to hire cameras before we go for the assignment, he told Atinka FM.

He also revealed that the FA does not have enough cameras hence they have to result to hiring cameras outside.

“The GFA does not have enough cameras to cover the games. Some of the Division One games are not covered because of the lack of cameras available.

“We have to rent cameras at a fee of Gh₵250 per day but because the money assigned is not enough some prefer to rent cameras at a fee of Gh₵100 which will not provide the quality you will need.

“They (Cameramen) boycotted the coverage of last Sunday matches because the monies were wholly inadequate”, he added.


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